August 6th, 2019


De-aged Avengers aftermath

Hi, I am looking for one specific de-aged avengers fic among the sea of fic’s out there. It starts with all the avengers getting de-aged except for Tony, who steps up and take care of all of them. Tony is unsure about how to be a good dad but turns out he is great at it and they all become very close. But just as everything has fallen into place the avengers turn back into adults and they don’t remember a thing! In fact they misunderstand everything and accuse Tony of taking advantage of the situation. Tony, Hurt and confused leaves the tower.

The story got a happy ending but I don’t remember more than that. I hope someone will recognise it.

On the other hand, any fic recommendations dealing with the aftermath of de-aging, being the whole team it just one, would be awesome!