August 9th, 2019

Help me find this fic please and thank you

Looking for an au of infinity war. Tony disappeared after Siberia. Everyone is preparing for thanos, including the rogue avengers. They think tony is on an island but it turns out to be Harley Keener building his own suit. An alliance is made with an alien society. Tony was voted their King, i cant remember who was Queen. Rhodey is one of his advisors. Loki is also an advisor. They beat thanos yay!
Help me find it please?
Oh, it was on ao3!


Natasha Recruited

Looking for a story in which Clint is captured by a group who are actually after Natasha, the red head who betrayed them. He is kept in a basement and it turns out Natasha is actually in a wardrobe or chest in the basement as well. This is how Clint and Natasha first meet and instead of telling them that she is down there, he doesn't tell them anything and they beat him multiple times and then they leave him and she comes out and helps him until they come back again. Eventually they escape and they make their way to Coulson, who I think is staying in a cabin in the mountains. She has to help Clint make it because he is injured, but they make it to Coulson and she is familiar with Coulson because of all the things Clint told her while they were stuck together. I think this may be a Clint/Coulson fic or at the very least a pre-Clint/Coulson fic.

Thanks in advance hopefully!