August 14th, 2019

Looking for teamfics involving a rescue!

Sorry if I didn’t format this right, it’s my first post here. Please let me know if I tagged incorrectly!!!

Anyway, i’m Looking for fics based around the avengers team involving one or more of them being injured or captured and the rest rescuing them. Preferably no slash, no smut. While I love irondad and soiderson, i’ve Also seen plenty of fics where peter gets rescued, so avoid that please. Ty!!!!

Looking for a deleted fic

Hi! I’m looking for a specific fic that I believe has been taken down for whatever reason? I’m fairly certain it was titled “Thunder and Lightning” on AO3 and was part of a series. It’s an Irondad Spiderson fic picking up immediately after homecoming, with May essentially disowning Peter after seeing him in the suit for the first time. Peter goes to stay wit Tony “till things smooth over”, but it becomes a more permanent arrangement and Tony discusses taking full guardianship of his mentee. May is upset by this and says “she wants him back, but she’s not ready yet”. Over the next few months, May eventually DOES relinquish guardianship of her nephew to Tony, and Peter and May start to repair their relationship, even though he’s tony’s son now. It was a really long fic and one of my favorites and I really want to re read it! If anyone has any luck getting any sort of copy of it, i’d be ETERNALLY grateful!!! Ty!!!