August 17th, 2019


little girl plays with scientific experiments

The Avengers are called in when waves of giant creatures hit a largely residential neighborhood. Small things like lizards, butterflies, frogs, spiders, crickets, and the like suddenly grow to enormous sizes and no one can figure out why. There's no bad guy popping up to use them to rob a bank or take over the world or anything; they're just there, swarming over the area. Turns out a little girl, the child of two scientists with a lab in working their basement is playing with mom and dad's things, having fun making the bugs and animals big. I think the parents might have formerly worked for SHIELD, or Hydra, or AIM, but I'm not sure about that.

Hope this story is still findable because it's been on my mind for several days and I can't remember title or author. (Typical.)
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[found] crack fic: bucky as cap pads the suit

Hey guys,

I'm looking for a hilarious fic I read on AO3, not too long, maybe part 1 of a series. Set after CA:WS. Steve is sick (or sth) at Sam's place and somehow Bucky ends up filling in for him, featuring a lot of Bucky going "how does this shit keep happening to m– oh right, STEVE". The fic had me in literal tears when I read it.

One of the main points of hilarity is that, when Bucky tries to put on the suit, it turns out that he's just not quite big enough to fill it, so Sam pulls out these fake boob gel pads he has left from some bachelor party or other and they stuff the suit. Later, when the villian shoots tranquilizer darts at Bucky!Cap, they end up hitting the pads instead of Bucky.

Does anyone recognize this? I'm kicking myself for not bookmarking this when I first read it. :((

EDIT: I found it! It's Bucky Barnes Is Five Eleven, and Other Lies He Tells Supervillains by AggressiveWhenStartled