August 18th, 2019

Tony and Clint kidnapped in Afghanistan

Right, I know there's a story about this and I have read it a couple of times before but now I can't find it! It's really bothering me that it's just disappeared.

So, I know that the story is either a very long one-short or a story with a fee chapters in it, I think its the latter one.

The story is about that Tony and Clint went to Afghanistan for a mission, Clint had gotten hurt by some people and Tony agreed to surrender to them and leave the suit to protect Clint. Both of them are in the same cell (thing) in a cave and to keep Clint safe, Tony made a deal with them to torture him if they left Clint alone.

I also know that Tony would make sign language letters when the kidnappers would take a photo of Tony after his torture and sent the photos to SHIELD.

I think that the person that did kidnap the pair was related to Raza and wanted revenge? Not a hundred percent sure on that.

I do know that Tony managed to save both him and clint and they were picked up by SHIELD in the desert before taken to hospital but then the person that kidnapped clint and tony followed and managed to sneak into the hospital room where tony and clint were to kill Tony but was killed themselves by either clint or someone else from the team or a SHIELD agent

Looking for Story:


I am looking for a story that had the avengers Post-Civil war, but they had to work together.

They were forced by  T. Ross(?) The Accords Committee (?) to do a Team Bonding exercise, where they couldn't use their powers or some such, and they had to climb a mountain.

Several people who didn't get along were paired and they weren't expected to survive.

I remember a scene where there was a cave and Tony didn't want to go into it, but he was forced to, and it was Clint? Steve? Who protested on his behalf?

If anyone can help me find it, that'd be awesome!

Thanks in advance!