August 21st, 2019

Tony rejected by all his soulmates

1. I read this fic a little bit ago and can’t find it. The premise was that when you cared about someone you got their name on your body somewhere. Silver for platonic, gold for romantic. If they rejected you or hated you or did not care about you it would turn black. Everyone thinks that Tony does not have any marks as he does not care about anyone, but when someone captures him and broadcasts his marks to the world they find out that he has so many names on his body you almost can’t see his original skin, and they are almost all black.
  • tehhumi

Steve/Bucky/Peggy, Bucky is a merman

I'm looking for a specific fic that I read a couple years ago. It was set during the CA:TFA, and had Steve/Peggy/Bucky as the endgame ship but was a WiP. Bucky was a merman, and for some reason he needed to transform shortly after being rescued from Azzano. He and Steve went to a river, and Peggy saw him with a tail and found out.
Steve and Peggy had been working towards a relationship, and then Bucky started flirting with her. She turned him down and said she wasn't some toy for him and Steve to share. Later Peggy came across Steve's sketchbook. He'd drawn himself as an ape with merman-Bucky and angel-Peggy (or possibly some other mythical creature) sitting on his shoulders. Her first thought was 'wow this is careless of Steve to leave his bff's greatest secret so easily stumbled upon, rude' and her second thought was 'Oh, the ape in the middle, I totally misunderstood that earlier, Steve being in love with two people is way better'
I think that's where it left off, and even if no more has been posted since I'd love to read it again if anyone can find the link!

Bruce whump

Looking for a fic in which Bruce only gets to come out like 1x/week or 1x/month or something like that and when he is in charge of his body, he has to have another avenger with him so that they make sure he doesn't get hurt. Hulk is the useful one for the team and no one really pays attention to Bruce. Eventually Bruce stops taking his day out and then Hulk tries to make him and it ends with Bruce being super depressed and Hulk makes him stay out but Bruce goes to sleep and stays asleep. They end up on the Helicarrier and they have to call Dr.Strange and I think it's Tony goes into Bruce's mind and talks to the Hulk and to Bruce. Bruce does wake up and Bruce is malnourished and when he finally gets to go back to the tower, they knock him out because SHIELD is afraid of Hulk coming out during transport. Tony is angry at this. They have to make it so Bruce is more a part of the team.