August 22nd, 2019

Looking for Peter quill/Tony Stark fic

Post civil war, tony travels to space with guardians (ends up there somehow) and are on a planet with tall blue aliens. There’s a girl crying over her dead mom, and tony asks what’s going to happen to her. Guardians reply that this species is known for prostitution and that will be her fate. Tony decides to adopt her instead. Steve is jealous watching tv in wakanda delusional about his and Tony’s relationship. Sees a press conference of peter and tony, and peter announces he “put a ring on it”. Tony and peter have good bond with blue alien kid.

Post civil war fic Wanda’s powers after effects

Basically tony and crew in stark tower see on the news about a bunch of random suicides in sokovia and Lagos where Wanda used her powers. They start investigating the after effects of exposure and during that time find out Steve is an active TB carrier. Linked to a few infected and sam’s death in hospital. Tony flips shit because he’s worried about the thousands of people in his tower, exposed and going home etc. The serum prevents infection but when Steve is badly injured the serum is focusing on healing severe injury and not preventing TB infection. Worry about it being a new or super strain after being exposed to the serum. Steve is locked in containment cell in tower.

Holiday readings

So, Im going on holiday this Saturday for a week and I love to have something to read while on holiday.

I'm not that fussy what to read however, I do prefer Yoai (male x male). Also, I dont mind what pairing the story has.

If you have any recommend stories, don't hesitate to comment.😁