September 6th, 2019

Tony Stark adopts Harley and Peter

Hello I'm searching for a particular fanfic I read no long ago but forgot the name.

In the fanfic, Tony loves kids and often visited an orphanage where he feel in love with kid Harley and kid Peter. In this one, if I remember correctly Peter is autistic.

If you could help me find it I would be thankful.


Tony x Clint(?) Fic

I have a feeling it was Tony x Clint but I am not 100% sure... It was a fic where Tony had a relationship with someone who secretly was working undercover spying on the terrorists in Afghanistan at the time Tony was kidnapped. He couldn't help Tony without his cover being blown and ruining the mission, and Tony starts dating him without realising that he was there.

Tony eventually finds out. Any help finding this fic would be appreciated! 

  • pitac89

LF Tony finding Bucky pre-CA:WS

Tony finds out his parents were murdered and goes after the Winter Soldier. Tony is confused by Bucky's reaction(or lack of reaction) to him saying he's there to execute him. Tony figures out that Bucky is a prisoner, not a volunteer, and takes him home after blowing up the base, making Hydra think Bucky's dead. I think during CA:WS Bucky goes to help Steve in his Hulk pajamas. I'm pretty sure it was epically long and might have been part of a series.