September 7th, 2019


LF MCU Tony Stark meets parallel Avengers


I'm looking for a story where MCU (I think?) Tony meets "fandom" Avengers through a portal/alien device in the Tonys' workshops. I'm not sure if this story is gen or not, though I'm pretty sure it's a completed story.

Basically, a beat-down Tony Stark without any real support from his universe's Avengers talks through a device/portal with the Avengers in another universe who are very supportive and try to help him.

Most of their interactions are conversations, with the alternate Avengers excited to speak with MCU Tony. I vaguely remember a conversation about differences in the Tonys' lives. They warn each other about events that happened to one Tony and are supportive of MCU Tony when his life really starts to get to him. Sound familiar?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Searching for fic

hey all! 

Looking for a Loki/Tony fic where tony is accused of killing thor and taken to asgard as prisoner.  Later we find out it was amora who mind whammied Tony into killing thor, who was really a shapeshifted jane.  tony and loki make a deal and escape to prove tony's innocence and rescue a mind controlled thor from amora

Thanks for this community

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