September 10th, 2019

To Defy To Comply

So I was rereading all of my favorites and then I noticed that this work is missing. So I wonder if any of you have a copy of this. This story is about Loki being banished to earth and he was forced to become a prostitute and Tony takes him in. This story is about Frostiron. Please give me a copy! Pretty please!

  • sonten

Looking for Stony recs

Hi guys,

Can you point me fics where Tony and Bucky are both in love with Steve (but not with each other), and it ends with Steve/Tony? For some reason I've trouble finding love rivals that doesn't turn into OT3 and ends in happy Stony.
Any recs would be great, I just need this trope so much

Fic help

Looking for fic that has Tony having to meet with Zemo with Rogers and Bucky. It was a part of the agreement Zemo agreed to in prison.

Also a fic where what Wanda does to Tony's head just causes him to sleep but Ultron still happens

And one where Tony kills Barnes then Steve kills him. I think Wanda is there and tells Steve how it was okay for him to get vengeance but not her