September 16th, 2019

Lost fic


I had a fic bookmarked on AO3 and when I went to go and read it, I discovered that it's now in fanfic heaven. I'm not sure of what the fanfic was about, but know that it was titled "Pine" and written by the user "Venomed". I mainly read Thor/Loki and Steve/Bucky fanfics and I'm unsure which of these shipsthe fic was about. If anyone has a copy of the story and would be so kind to let me read this fic one more time, I would be entirely greatful. Thank you in advance

Bucky turns himself in at the airport

So this might be a bucky/tony story might not. I am pretty sure its on ao3 but i spent the last day and a half going through the tags and my history so i might be missing something.
All I really remember is that Bucky turns himself and the rest of the rogues in at the airport.
I think Steve ends up srriously hurting some guards in prison trying to rescue Bucky later on in the fic.
I am pretty sure Steve is at least a little delusional. Maybe?
Bucky slowly heals and finds out who he is now.
Might just be confusing 2 fics but -maybe- he has Winte in his head too. Maybe.
Please help. Thanks.

Btw I cant seem to get the tags to work sorry.