September 20th, 2019

Beauty in the Breakdown

**FOUND** Looking for Post-Snap Steve/Tony That Focuses on the Problems After the Snap

Hey All,
I'm looking for a Steve/Tony story that I can't remember much about, so I am hoping one (or more) of you can help me find it.

  1. * The story either starts pre-Snap and goes post-Snap or starts after the Snap takes place.

  2. * Steve/Tony either start a relationship or resolve their issues from an established relationship during the story. Steve and Tony's relationship is a major part of the story.

  3. * One big thing I remember about the story is that it really delves into the problems that result from the Snap... not just the major emotion toll, but the more physical and economic problems of it. The habitability of Earth is greatly impacted by nuclear meltdowns/oil spills/poisonous atmosphere and/or the atmosphere igniting due to volatile chemicals, etc... Governments are falling, wars begin breaking out, food shortages, etc.

  4. * F.R.I.D.A.Y. gives statistics on the survivability of Earth due to the above issues and it's basically an extinction-level event, I believe, with a countdown of less than a year for them to make changes if life on Earth is going to survive.

  5. * Tony injects a more complex and robust form of Extremis into his body so that he can basically do what he needs to do physically/mentally to combat Earth's climate circling the drain.

  6. * Tony uses his control of everything electronic/digital due to Extremis to build giant atmospheric filters to clean the air. He takes over a giant Stark Industries plant(s) to build the filters, working non-stop to get them built due to the time-crunch F.R.I.D.A.Y. gives him/them.

  7. * A huge battle happens in space above Earth with Steve, Tony & Rhodey (maybe more) using suits to fight aliens coming to take advantage of the situation. Tony's nanobots are used basically as shrapnel to shred the space ships to pieces and I think Tony almost dies during the battle at the end of the story.

That's about all I remember, hopefully, one fo you can tell me who wrote the story as I really want to read it again and can't find it.
Thanks in advance!

ETA: Turns out it's a Bucky/Tony/James story, not a Steve/Tony... link in comments!