September 29th, 2019

FOUND: Tony talks to Steve after Steve is rescued from the ice but determined to be comatose

Hi guys,

I'm looking for this specific fic. I remember that SHIELD pulls Steve out of the ice and sets him up in his own room, but Steve is kind of paralyzed. He can hear everything going on around him but he can't move at all. Everyone thinks he's just comatose. Tony finds him sometime trying to hide from some agents or a meeting or something and just talks to him about anything. Tony likes Steve because he's such a good listener. Meanwhile, Steve hears everything Tony says and starts to get to like him. When Steve is finally able to move again, he asks Tony out. Steve buys him his favorite type of flower, which Tony told him was his favorite kind while Steve was supposedly comatose. I forget how it all spirals from there, but Tony finds out that Steve could hear him the whole time and feels kind of betrayed because he told Steve things that he's never told anyone else because he thought Steve couldn't hear.

I've been looking for this fic for a long time and I just cannot seem to get my hands on it. I specifically had to make a livejournal account after weeks of fruitless searching. Please, dear God, someone point me in the right direction. I'm desperate! Thanks for your help.