October 5th, 2019

Found - Looking for fic where Shield knew it wasn't Tony's bomb that killed the Maximoffs

A while ago, I saw a small bit of a fic that had a scene where Tony found out that Clint and Natasha knew, through Shield, that it wasn't his bomb that killed the Maximoffs.  He confronts them to find out why they never told Wanda.  They said it was in the past and no longer relevant.  Tony was appalled, because Wanda still hated him and he told them off.

It was probably on AO3.  I never read the whole fic, and apparently I didn't mark it well enough, because I can't find it.  Don't remember anything else about the fic except the one scene I discribed.  Hope someone can recognize it from that.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

It is one of Wix's stories that has been taken off the internet.  I found it on my kindle.  It is Glass Houses.

Search -- Stuckony Soulmates, Save Bucky from Shield

Hi, searching for a fic that I think was posted on Archive of Our Own. 

It was established Stucky and set post-CA:WS. Bucky is running from Shield in Central Park and Tony stumbles onto the scene. To stop Shield from taking the kill shot Tony says Bucky is his soulmate. 

Steve is jealous and confused. There is a press conference scene and a scene where Tony & Bucky get tattoos as to fool Shield. Future Stuckony is hinted with Steve and Bucky thinking they feel what they think is Tony in their bond. 

Hope you can help me find it!