October 6th, 2019

Steve Bashing//Wanda Bashing/Team Cap Bashing fanart

Basically, what you read. Any fanart, comics, whatever as long as it's drawn, that depicts any form of Steve Bashing, Wanda Bashing, or is Not Team Cap Friendly... I've come across countless fanfics but nor much fanart.

Preferably Ironstrange! But anything will do as long as it bashes on Crap and/or his Team x,D

Pepper Bashing

I'm looking for Pepper bashing. I already read some and I hoping there's more. Please comments whatever that has Pepper in a bad light. For examples, she evil, she cheating on Tony, she trying to steal Tony's company, she raped Tony or she abuses Tony. Stuff like that.

I prefer good Avengers but if some fics have some Avengers on Pepper's side. That would be ok. As long Pepper hurts Tony somehow.

Happy Ending Only

I want Tony in a gay relationship. Any man but mostly Bruce, Loki or Steve.

Unhappy Ending for Pepper

Thank You

Peter Parker's identity known at school

Hello ! So, a long time ago i read this fanfiction where, at peter's school, his identity was known ( not for a long time tho ) and he didn't need to hide his powers anymore. I remember a scene where someone wanted to help him carry something and he told them that they didn't need too because he had super stength.
I really want to read that fanfic again. It was on fanfiction . net, that's all i know.

If anyone finds it, thanks !

have a good day !

( PS : i'm french, sorry if i did any mistakes )