October 8th, 2019

Specific fic search

I was halfway through reading a fic and my computer crashed and now I can't find it anywhere!! The basic details are that Tony was captured by red skull and tortured and left really broken then is picked up by Loki and taken to where he's staying to become his prisoner and he slowly starts to get better. It was about 96 chapters and multiple parts. Please help!

Just cant think of this fic!

This scene just popped into my head and now I must reread it. Because why not. The only thing I remember is I think the Avengers are teaching Steve to dance. He switches between Pepper and Natasha and notes the differences in their way of dancing and also notes how naturally Tony and Pepper dance together and I think Natasha dances with Tony while Pepper is with Steve?
I dunno man I just remember reading it like legit years ago. Its just a small part to a longer fic I believe.