October 13th, 2019

Specific Bucky recovery fic

I’ve been looking for this specific fic for awhile now and it’s driving me crazy.

Basically what I remember is that Bucky is living in the tower, and Steve/the team believe him to be mostly recovered/ mentally “Bucky,” but actually he is still in an Asset/Winter Soldier mindset. There are several fics like this, but the specific bit I’m trying to find is that Bucky is carefully tracking how much he is eating to make sure that it’s the bare minimum he can possibly get by on. At one point JARVIS (?) tells Steve that Bucky has only been eating however many calories a day. Steve confronts Bucky and tells him that that’s not an acceptable amount of food, but Bucky misunderstands and thinks he’s been eating too much, so he cuts his calorie in take in half. At some point I know the misunderstandings are cleared up and I believe the rest of the fic is actual recovery/communication, or at least in ends in a way that makes it clear that that is going to happen.

If anyone can help me find this, I will love you forever!!