October 15th, 2019

Cute, Loki Odinson
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FOUND! Tony talks to Loki....

ETA - found by chris7100

The story is dls's: "If You Had This Time Again" specifically chapter 4!


I've looked through my files, searched tags on AO3, did a bit of Googling and no joy.....

I think the scene I recall was part of a larger storyline. I think Tony might have time travelled back to the battle with the Chitauri in NYC. He talks to Loki during the night hours in Stark Tower's penthouse. Thor goes and rests in a guest room. Tony meanwhile "watches/guards" Loki. Tony removes the gag that Thor put on Loki. They discuss that Loki was not a free agent when he arrived on Earth with the scepter. Eventually, Tony provides Thor with proof of Loki being controlled by another before they depart for Asgard.

I think the story was on AO3 and was written before IW.

Sound familiar to anyone? Any help and/or pointers would be greatly appreciated. TIA.

specific Tony story & general Loki search

1. I remember reading a story where Tony turns out to be Bucky's and Natasha's son? They were forced into it back in Russia I think, and somehow the baby ended up with the Starks. The reveal happens in the fic, and I think it was pretty short. Could be part of a series of stories where Tony turns out to have surprising real parents?  

2. I'm looking for post-Endgame Loki-centric stories. 2012 escaped Loki coming to the canon timeline or doing stuff in his own, don't really care. As long as it's Loki goodness.