October 24th, 2019


Looking for specific Stony identity porn, might also be kidfic

Hey guys,
I'm looking for a Stony fic from Steve's POV set I think not long after he got out of the ice. I think he becomes friends with his neighbour who is a woman with a young child whose father is Tony. Steve meets him but is unaware that the man he knows as Tony is actually Anthony Stark, Howard's son. He kinda dislikes him at first -he thinks he is an absent father? - but in the end they end up together.
I might be mixing two different stories here... I'm not sure! But if anyone could help me at all, it would be much appreciated!

looking for Marvel One-shots reviews and reactions

It not fan fiction stories I'm looking for this time but videos. A lot of people review movies on YouTube and do reaction videos. I'd love to find any such videos for the Marvel One-Shots, especially for "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor's Hammer" and "The Consultant" (which is actually a one-shot split by a Hulk stinger).

Searching for a Stony fic were Tony Stark blows up a Doom bot with a pen?

The only thing I can remember of this story is that, Steve and Tony are on a roof at a party somewhere.  Tony I think tells Steve to duck and pulls out a pen and blows up a doom bot that was a bout to cut Steve's head off. But the recoil of the blast knocks Tony off the roof. I'm not sure if thats enough to help, but it would be much appreciated if anyone else knows where to find this fic and let me known. Thank you.

Looking for Avengers find Bucky and can’t take his mask off

I read this fan fiction on archive of our own and I can’t find it! What I remember is that Bucky had his winter soldier mask screwed into his face so the avengers couldn’t take it off without hurting him. I think tony eventually takes it off but that is later on. I also remember Bucky being in a cell room and Steve slowly making him more comfortable with people and they taught him sign language since he couldn’t speak. Thank you so much!