November 7th, 2019


Tony makes nice with the bad guys

I've been grazing through my saved stories and can't seem to find the one that's been on my mind for a day or so. I thought it would be interesting to see other stories with variations on the story, which is... Tony Stark has good social time with the bad guys club. He sees how the "good" guys (like Rogers, Barton, and the rest of his "team") treat him and figures he must be a bad guy. He crashes their meeting or weekly poker game or whatever, wanting to join up. They like him, respect him (more than his team ever did), and accept having him around, even check up on him when he doesn't show up for the card game twice in a row, but tell him that he is NOT one of the bad guys. He cares too much for his friends, the public, and the "little guy," much more that Cap and the rest.

If I locate the story I have, I'll post the link here, if someone doesn't beat me to it. The stories that reminded me of it are numbers 12 and 15 of the "5+1" series by MysticMedusa.

And the tag below should read "theme: tony (villain, but not really)"
Cute, Loki Odinson
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FOUND! Tony and the rest of the Avengers pregnant....

FOUND quickly by nequicia_furor it is the series - Of magic and nuclear bombs (neither of which is the answer to anything) by melonbutterfly.


Well it was temporary for the other Avengers but the real thing for Tony. The baby!daddy is Loki. The Avengers are supportive. At one point Tony claims Fury's desk chair because he says it is so comfortable. I think there were a couple of short follow-up fics. I've been sitting through my bookmarks, searched with Google, searched using different filters on AO3 but no joy. Sound familiar to anyone, ring any bells? Any help, any pointers would be very greatly appreciated. TIA.