November 10th, 2019

Found-Clint Believes He Will Be Left Behind

I am completely new to this, so I apologize for all the wrong things I'm doing.

I'm trying to find a fanfiction where Clint believes he will be left behind after he is captured as that was what the people he previously worked for did. However, he works for SHIELD now, so Phil comes and rescues him.

I'm pretty sure that Clint killed someone with his fingernail and he was found still strapped down on a table or something.

Thank you for any help you provide.

Through the Glass by dentalfloss
The specific part I'm talking about is in chapter 4

(FOUND) Tony has twins: James and Maria (specific fic)

Hello there!

I need help to find a fic. It's on AO3, before IM1, Tony found a baby boy (named James Edwin Stark after) in his house and after that he is kidnapped by the ten rings. James has a "imaginary" friend (Maria, who is actually his twin). James and Maria are Hydra Kids, and have James Barnes and Tony as biologicals fathers (kind of). The asset is in it too, but he is all confused. I guess this fic was finished in 2017 or 2018. I think it was on "hurt tony stark"

Sorry about my english, it's not good, but I really appreciate the help.