November 11th, 2019

Superfamily with Female Tony

Hello! I’m pretty sure I am trying to find a series, not just one fic. This is what I remember:

Always a female Toni Stark adopts Peter as a toddler. Peter calls Toni “Mommy” but if freaks her out. Howard turns up and Steve has a horrible reaction to Toni standing up for herself and Peter to Howard- it feeds into her self doubt. Then Toni has to go to another country and an earthquake collapses a building on her. She is trapped with a little boy who she uses the suit to save. Bucky and Loki both adore Toni and are stargazing with Peter to distract him from worrying about Toni.  Rhodey doesn’t like Steve.

Like I said, I’m pretty sure this is actually a series? I think all The current stories are completed. 

Thanks So much for your help!!