November 12th, 2019

Bruce and Tony ((Mentally)) Deaged

Hello. I've been looking for this fanfic nonstop but I haven't found it.

I remember it being in I think, and it starts with Tony and Bruce messing around in the lab like always, when suddenly the others hear a explosion. When the teams goes to check, Tony and Bruce somehow messed up and (mentally) deaged themselves to around the age of 4, but remained in their adult bodies. The team doesn't know what to do and they inquire Fury and SHIELD about it, Fury gets mad and assigns two members of the team to take care of Bruce and Tony each. I don't remember how the order went. I do recall one part with them hearing some noises and chaos and when they go check, Tony is playing tag with the Hulk and the whole room is destroyed.

So far, that's all I remember. I didn't read much, and now I can't find it no matter the key-words I Google. If someone could please help me find it, it would be much appreciated!!