December 18th, 2019

Spencer Morgan
  • tymbur

Looking for Time Travel fic

Hoping someone can help. I was in the middle of reading a very good fic when my power went out and I couldn't remember the name of the story I was reading.  The plot was a time travel piece where Tony went back to thre Iron Man I era with the knowledge of the future. He started changing things by confronting Justin Hammer before the expo and giving him the chance to turn himself in. He turned down Natalie Rushman's employment application and told her to get lost, then later she locked Happy in the trunk of the car to get to talk to Tony. Killed Killian before he started blowing people up with Extremis and made a nuisance of himself to Fury. So much that Fury later stuck back by trying to blackmail him with footage of him killing Killian, but Tony just went after the WSC instead.  Anyone know this fic? I really want to finish it.  Thank so much.