December 23rd, 2019

Stiles Messages Captain America On Social Media Fanfiction

Hey all, I am new here and have a fanfiction that I have been looking for recently. I am hoping you all could help. I once read a story that involved Stiles Stilinski reaching out Captain America over Twitter and Steve comes out to visit with him because of depression and pack trouble. I believe it was on both and A03, but now I can't seem to find it. I know it isn't Shield Me, but its similar to it. I also think it was a one shot and possible a Derek/Stiles story with brotherly Steve and protective Avengers. If anyone can help. I would appreciate it.

Female Loki

I've already posted a search for born-a-girl!Loki here: which is still active.

Now I'm looking for fics where doesn't have to be born as a girl, He/she just spends at least a big part of the story as a female. Like Petrichor by Arya_Greenleaf, which is the story that inspired thies search.

Any pairing welcome.

And a link for Petrichor in case anyones interested: