January 29th, 2020

Cute, Loki Odinson
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FOUND! Tony found in Afganistan desert by his soulmate(s) - Thor & Loki...

Found quickly by indie_poe. It's Heart of Fire & Ice by darkseraphina. - At least I now know why it wouldn't come up on soulmate searches - it is a sentinel/guide pairing with Loki and Tony as the pairing. Thor is just a very supportive good brother. Many thanks again to indie_poe.

Been searching for this one for a couple of days... Tony has escaped the cave and Ten Rings and is wandering the Afghan desert. He's found by his soulmates (I think they're both his soulmates) Loki & Thor (I think the Warriors Three might be with them at first). Tony thinks he is hallucinating when Loki & Thor talk to him. He thinks the trauma, the malnutrition, the dehydration have affected him. He doesn't believe they are real. I think at one point after he is found by Rhodey and troops, he resting temporarily in a tent or hut or... anyway Rhodey asks who the big guy is just outside and Tony is astounded that Rhodey can see Thor... Ring any bells? Any pointers and/or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Fic Search Tony/Steve with returning Bucky

I read this fic awhile ago and I havent been able to find it. Tony and Steve are together and getting married. Bucky is found. Steve doesn't leave Bucky's side and Tony has a lot of insecurities about it. Tony rebuilds Buckys arm and decides to leave, he says something to the press about how he is not good enough for Steve and goes to where their honeymoon was planned. (Know one knew where he was). Turns out to be a misunderstanding and that Bucky and Natasha were actually a thing. 

[FOUND] Fic Search Thor frees Loki

I've been looking for this fic and I just can't seem to find it. I was hoping one of you guys would know the title. The fic occurs after The Avengers, Loki has been imprisoned by Odin but he's been put in a separate timestream?? Like 1 month outside his cell is like 10 000 years inside his cell or something. Thor's on Midgard so he doesn't really know anything. (this is kinda where my memory goes a bit wack don't know if its this specific fic or another one) but like Thor goes back to Asgard and looks for his brother but everyone's forgotten him or something. So Thor tries to find Loki and breaks him out of Asgard and takes him back to Earth to live with the Avengers. Loki also has diaries that are tied by his own hair.

Yea... idk if any of you know this one or can find it but please and thank you!