March 7th, 2020

Arthur Snoggy

Looking for Thor time travel fic

Hi all!
I’m looking for a story where somehow while time traveling to retrieve the stones, Thor ends up in New York right after the first invasion. I remember him hugging Loki and crying and he kept just saying things about the future but not really explaining. I know he ends up staying with Tony.
pretty in pink

Steve thinks Tony is in love with him


I just finished reading Assumptions and Misunderstandings by VWebb and would love to read some other stories where Steve mistakenly thinks Tony is in love/has a crush on him when Tony is in fact happily involved or crushing on someone else.

Otherwise are there stories out there in which Tony used to like Steve but has since moved on and is happily settling down whilst Steve is still hung up on him?

Thanks for all recs!

the public reacts to Siberia video(s)

I've read several stories where the two videos from Siberia get released on the internet through various means, for the whole world to see the true face of Captain America, so I can't really list which ones. Maybe y'all know of some new ones or newly updated ones I haven't seen yet. I'd especially like to find the ones where Tony if just kicking it at home (tower or compound) with Pepper and Rhodey (if not more) when the video is suddenly played everywhere. The shock, distress, shame, hurt, anger, etc cause Tony to have a heart attack right then.