April 30th, 2020

De-aged Avengers Fic *FOUND*

I'm looking for a fanfiction (probably on Ao3) where ALL of the avengers are de-aged. I'm pretty sure it started out with Tony's pov where he saw a pretty lady who said she de-aged them to give all of them a better childhood (?) I know that Tony still had the arc reactor but because he was de-aged, he didn't know what it was and called it a flashlight. The avengers all woke up in some sort of dark care or building of some sorts. Natasha didn't know that much English, Tony and Clint had an argument about being short (I think Clint was a bit older than tony but he was shorter than him), and Steve still had asthma. This was just the intro...

I'm pretty sure they all then went outside and Coulson was there, obviously startled that they were children, and Tony thought he had been kidnapped. Later on they were at a hospital and the medics did something to hurt one of them (I think Tony kicked one of them and they hurt him, but don't quote me on that), all I remember is that it resulted in Bruce turning into the kid Hulk and upturning one of the beds.

The last things I remember is that they were kidnapped by people who wanted take advantage of the avenger's form to use them. It was basically child abuse, where the kidnappers would punish the kids if they didn't follow all the rules, like making Tony do some sort of math problem that he didn't know because of his age. Please help me find this fic, I've been searching for ages!