May 1st, 2020

Lost Time Travel Fic (FOUND)

I'm looking for a fic on AO3 in which Stephen Strange travels back from post-IW to prevent Tony from letting Team Cap convince him to cover up Wanda's role in the Ultron debacle. Strange believes that this was the turning point that led to CW and ultimately Earth not being prepared for Thanos. There was a scene in a hospital elevator where Natasha and Steve insist on talking to Tony, so she uses some kind of device to stop the elevator. Tony and Happy then proceed to completely ignore them. It's possible I've conflated two stories, but I'm definitely looking for the one with the elevator scene. There's also a scene, I think in Sokovia, where Natasha makes some threats thinking that a different device is preventing Friday from recording her, which Tony and Friday then prove doesn't work. Hope someone can help me out, 'cause this is driving me crazy!

Irondad spideyson blowup one-shots

I just finished a one-shot called What Makes a Hero by steve-capsicle-rogers ( which has Peter as Tony and Steve’s (adopted?) son. He overreacts and sort of blows up at tony, speaking out of turn. Tony takes it to heart and eventually gets hurt before peter can apologize.

It reminded me of another story I read ages ago where peter is just a little kid, still tony and Steve’s son, and gets upset that tony is late to or missed his birthday party. I think he tells tony he hates him or something and then tony gets hurt. Can’t remember if tony missed the birthday bc he was already injured or if he got injured after. If anyone knows that fic, I’d love to re-read it. I’m positive it was Ao3.

Also, any other stories like that (tony whump with peter being unreasonably upset with him) would be appreciated! Doesn’t have to be stony. I’d definitely prefer a resolved/happy ending