May 3rd, 2020

Clint shoots at Loki, hits and kills Tony

Another story lost/misplaced in the shuffle. Hopefully someone can give me info on finding it; even just a title or author would be enough. The Rogues have come back to either the tower or the compound. Tony and his new team members are there or just arriving. It's probably the Defenders and Strange. Loki and (I think) Thor are also there. When Clint, arriving with the other Rogues, sees Loki he shoots at him in a fit of deadly rage. Unfortunately Tony sees this and jumps in front of the arrow and is killed. Fortunately, Tony did die in Siberia, but was sent back by Death as one of her favorites. So, until Death gave her sayso, Tony couldn't stay dead. Seeing he did die when Clint's shot hit him, Clint was arrested for murder. And I'm pretty sure this story was Tony Stark/Loki/Bucky Barnes, with twosomes among the three of them.