May 4th, 2020

Everybody dies Fanfic

Hi you guys!! I’ve read this fanfic a couple years ago but I still remember what it was about. The fanfic was on Ao3 and basically Death(???) was a person who collected the Avengers souls when they died during their battle with Thanos. I’m not sure if it was Infinity war compliant because Loki is the first one to die in the beginning and he dies the same way in the movie but Peter Parker dies by falling off a building while holding Bucky. And basically Death just comes and collects their souls while describing how their soul is like Scarlet Witch was bright red. Idk I remmber a lot of details but not the title. More details: Tony is the only one who survives at the end, It was one chapter, Sam Wilson dies by falling from the air and they describe his wings as being beautiful, When Peter died Bucky starts begging him and calling him Steve, T’Challa dies while protecting children against aliens, One of the tags were along the lines of “Death is humanized/is a person” something like that. Thank u!!!