May 10th, 2020

Looking for a lost Loki angst fic

One year ago I read this Loki centric fanfic. Now I can't find it at all. Here is what I remember about it.

  • The two main characters were Loki and Phil Coulson.
  • Loki was pregnant.
  • This monster was attacking near where Loki lived. Phil found Loki, and Loki accidently teleported them to a underground bunker or something.
  • The reason Loki was pregnant was because he had escaped to another realm and he met someone. He later found out that that person was researching Jotuns and turned Loki into his Jotun form while he was asleep which allowed Loki to become pregnant.
  • Phil and Loki make it through the tunnel.
  • It was probably on ao3.

Thank you in advance for any help.

Loki fic! Pls help

Hi. So I lost another Loki fic(yet again) and if you could pls help me it would be deeply appreciated. This isn’t really in order btw

1. It’s after Thor the dark world and Asgard wasn’t very nice. Thor was a bloodthirsty warrior along with the other warriors. Odin ordered them to make peace(forcefully).

Jane became friends with Loki cause he was nice. J remember Fandral talking about raping a elf in front of them but Jane didn’t realise until loki told her. She then refuse to sleep with thor. After that Thor and some warriors came to earth to make them bow to assguard i think. They defeated the hulk and the avengers have to call defeat. They found Loki living in a apartment and ask him to help them and I remember after he help them built weapons they were going to kill him. Loki didn’t care because he wasn’t interested in living and wants to die.

This fic was a frostiron btw. Thanks in advance. 🙏
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FOUND! Looking for a FrostIron fic....

Found by itscaptain - it is Don't Mess With Him, He's Mine written by justfandomthings


The fic was on AO3, I believe. Tony and Loki get together. I think Loki was exiled to Midgard and Thor accompanied him. They were staying in the Tower - I think. Tony is fascinated by Loki and his magic. After an awkward and less than easy start Loki agrees to teach Tony about magic. At one point Loki can't sleep and Tony takes him to a local hospital. There he shows Loki the NICU and has him help Tony volunteer work - they spend time holding the fragile babies - especially ones without a family to spend time with them. Over time they both bond with each other and with one orphan infant. They make inquiries about fostering-then-adopting one particular baby boy, unfortunately a couple has already started the process. Tony and Loki are kind of devastated. Meanwhile there is an altercation with young-adult enhanced kids. Tony is in great danger and there is not much Loki can do to help I think. Sound familiar to anyone? Any pointers/help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.