May 20th, 2020

Help please! Fic w/ Tony not allowed to see baby, baby named without his input, mpreg angsty-ness?

Literally created an account JUST to find this because it's driving me up the wall...

Probably an older fic, probably longer, but not really sure. 99% sure it's mpreg, maybe a/b/o? Not sure of the main plot. All I remember is at some point Tony's not allowed to see his baby b/c reasons (Tony thinks it's b/c team knows he'd be a bad mother/parent or hurt baby or something), and I think someone else (Steve? Bucky?? Father of baby??) name the kid Howard (or something similar) without consulting Tony, and Tony wanted to name baby something else (pretty sure he sneaks in/is let visit sometimes and calls baby by other name). At some point team figures out something is wrong, and eventually it's all resolved and baby gets name Tony picked. 

(sorry donno if tags are right, new to this!)

TIA <3

Lost Fanfiction

Hey so I’m looking for a fanfiction were tony stops funding the avengers or shield. Then Howard is somehow alive and tries to fund them instead. But tony says that he is the owner of stark Industries and that at most Howard could get 5 percent of the company.