May 26th, 2020


Young!Tony’s abusive childhood (Avengers watch)

Hello to the whole community,

I can’t find this fic in which the Avengers somehow get to witness all of Tony’s childhood and younger years, during which Howard physically (?) and psychologically abuses Tony. I remember one particular instance in which he hands Tony some lab equipment which ends up badly hurting his hands, and Howard doesn’t even notice. His mother and Jarvis feature too, with Jarvis’ wife slowly becoming ill then later dying. There’s emphasis on Howard being fixated on Cap, too.

I’ve tried to look for it but I can’t seem to find it, does anyone know the title and author?

This has been driving me crazy, so thank you for any info!


Fic: Falsely accused Clint leaves the team

Hi all

I’m looking for a story, possibly writing on the Avenger kink meme, in which someone attacks Tony.

The assassin is clever though and somehow convinces the team (except Coulson) that it was Clint who tried to kill Tony and they lock Clint up.

Clint is proved innocent shortly thereafter, but he is extremely hurt by what happened and quits both SHIELD and the Avengers.

He ends up, possibly with Fury’s help, taking a job as a sheriff in a small town and the locals basically adopt him.

Coulson follows and I think at one point is hurt by a monster and he and Clint end up together.

Thor, who wasn’t on Earth when Clint was locked up, turns to find the archer has left and is furious at what happened and leads the team to the town to check Clint is okay and ask him to come back (he doesn’t, but agrees to keep in touch).

I think part of the reason why he leaves is that each of the team had a floor in Avengers tower, but Tony sanitised Clint’s whole floor and destroyed everything in it, including the only photo he had of his family; I remember him promising Coulson he’d find a way to make it up to Clint but Coulson just looking at him because they both knew there was no fixing it.

Thank you.

FIC: Kidnapped Clint, sensory deprivation

Sorry, I finished the other post and forgot to include this search.

Clint is deaf in this story and is kidnapped. His captors are sadistic and deprive Clint of his hearing aids and temporarily blind him so he doesn’t know what’s going on.

The team rescues him but since Clint can’t see or hear them, he still thinks he’s with the people who hurt him and it’s only when he tries to run and bangs into Tony that he feels the arc reactor and realises he’s safe; I think he says Tony’s name and Tony takes Clint’s hand and guides it up to touch his face so Clint can feel him nod.

There’s one part in particular that stands out: I think the team was sent or found a live feed of Clint being hurt by his captors, and Bruce couldn’t watch it because it was making the Hulk start to surface, and Tony was trying to trace the feed and kept urging Clint to just stop fighting back because he was making it very hard for him to find Clint (in time).