May 27th, 2020

Loki gives birth

I'm looking for a couple of stories that I think are by the same author. Where the avengers find Loki's hideout because he can't actively use his magic because of being pregnant. In both he had just given birth. In at least one he poisons the baby to give it a painless death unlike all his other children who were murdered by Thor. Thor asks why he poisoned this one since it looked normal and that's when Loki told of all of them about his other children and the avengers were disgusted by Thor and Odin. And I think in one Loki dies from childbirth and Hela takes him to be with all of his children in the afterlife.
Thank you for any help.

  • kika_k

Revenge on her ex

I'm trying to find a fics where Tony at a gala/dinner reveals he has adopted Darcy in front of all the Avengers. The two of them have planned it all since Darcy found out that Steve lied to her and went to DC to be with Sharon Carter.
All I remember is that Darcy has a kind of mask that she takes off when Tony makes his statement and she is at a table with Tony, Pepper, Rodney, Thor, Jane and near there is the table with all the other Avengers .

ETA : only a few paragraphs have been mixed from my memories....anyway I found it!
Sorry, Not Sorry by ZombieCyborgAssassin