May 28th, 2020

  • jamham

canon divergence, teacher au

i read this fic a while back on ao3, and i’d really appreciate it if someone could help me find it.

in it, no one knows that tony is iron man, as he publicly left stark industries to stane after afghanistan (i think after realising stane ordered the kidnapping/is selling weapons under the table/etc.) and destroys stark industry property as iron man in his free time (and i think he is also working to expose stane). iron man is declared a villain by SHIELD, and nat, clint, and a somewhat recently defrosted cap regularly battle with him.

tony started working as a teacher after his “retirement”, and pepper came with him and also works in the same school. (i think) SHIELD decides steve needs some time in “normal” life outside the SHIELD barracks, so he’s also given a job as a teacher (under a false name), alongside nat and clint (coulson works as the principal) at said school.

“the gang” eventually becomes friends (i think steve’s backstory is that he’s amish, hence why his knowledge of the modern world is very limited) and tony and steve start to date.

the whole thing is filled with identity porn and was a very fun read, and if someone knows which fic i’m talking about, i’d really appreciate it if you’d let me know!
steve shield

OT6 - team bonding through sex specific fic

Looking for a specific fic set in the early days of the team forming.

Steve's strategy is to bond the team through group sex. He floats the idea to the others in a measured and considered way,explaining how well it worked with the Howling Commandos back in the day.

The rest of the team agree to give it a go. Steve orchestrates the orgy whilst adapting his technique to each person as required - I remember Bruce being particularly wary and Steve being really attuned to his viewpoint.

The thing I loved most was Steve's emotional intelligence, which I remarked upon in my feedback. It wasn't just PWP.

I only comment on AO3 fic mostly but tag/history searches have failed me.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!

2 lost fics

Any help would be great

Fic 1: Tony, pepper, and i think rhodey become their own group. Tony builds a suit for pepper that has flamethrowers and calls her cinder.

Fic2: loki(maybe tony) kills von doom for trying to betray him? Tony is there to see it happen as the avengers were called in and tony entered the building before back up.I cant remember if that scene is the first time they meet up or if they had been hiding knowing each other at the time.loki/tony.