May 29th, 2020

Misc: spotted duck

Stony in Suburbia

I don't remember much about this fic but it's driving me a bit crazy trying to recall its name. It was Stony with Peter as their son. They lived in surburbia. Peter called the other Avengers his Uncles and Aunt. He didn't know they were Avengers. I think Clint and Nat were married (may have even had kids). Something happened to disturb their peace and quiet. I think I recall some sort of attack or convergence by the bad guys on Stony's house and I'm not sure if Peter ended up kidnapped or not... He did find out who his parents are, though.

Help, please!!

Steve goes to bat for Tony with Fury; damages desk

I just got through reading Burning Candles by kerravon. The story takes place when the team was together and friendly to each other, way before there was even a hint of Soldat or a rift in the family. During several battle little things go wrong, mostly with Tony's suit, and he and Cap are still trying figure each other little quirk and get along better. In one battle Tony gets the shit beat out of him by several creatures coming through some sort of rift in space, I think in Central Park. While he's recovering in the hospital Cap figures out that Tony is overworked (4 full time jobs), and undernourished. He confronts Fury, who didn't realize that Tony was doing all the gear design and upkeep himself and was getting new orders from Fury's understaff. Now I thought this was the story where Steve gets so angry with Fury that he bangs his fist on Fury's desk, cracking it in half. I think it was because of the way SHIELD was treating Tony, overworking him while holding out on his full Avengers member status, which is why I thought this was the one. I was wrong. Does anyone know of this story, where Steve Rogers is really enraged at Fury? Thanks in advance.