June 25th, 2020

Asgardian refugees meet Star Trek

In searching AO3 for MCU/Trek crossovers I came across one called 'Weight of the Burning World." It had a nice start -- The Enterprise crossing paths with a ship carrying what was left of the Asgardians after Thanos, led by Thor, Loki, and Brunnhilde, asking for help -- but seems to be stuck at one chapter since December 2019 (dammit!). I'd love to find any other such crossovers where Asgardians, or Wakandans, or Stark and Parker end up in Federation space. Or the Enterprise ends up on 20th/21st century MCU Earth. Do y'all know of any such stories? Something new to read while I'm stuck inside?
(Note: the tag says crossover/fusion; I'd prefer xover, not fusion.)
We are Groot

Tony Centric Human experimentation?

Hey, all! I’m in one of those moods and I need some angsty, hurt Tony. Does anyone know of fics that involves Tony being the unwilling victim of human experimentation? I’m looking for captured Tony being injected, dissected, forced through some sort of transformation, basically torture in the name of “science.”

No brainwashing please, I want him to still be Tony (at least mentally *evil laugh*). Prefer pre-AoU, when the team still loved each other but I’ll take what I can get. Slash, gen, het all welcome. Bring on the angst!!!!!!

Please ;)