July 10th, 2020

Loki/Tony fic

I don't think I have posted about his one so here it goes. It after the Civil War and Tony is working on the Accords. He seems to realize that Loki was not at fault for what he did and has the ability to come back to Earth (still alive). He gets the accords counsel to see that they need to get him on their side. So for that Tony goes and finds and rescues his son Jormungandr and looks after him. After a time Tony starts having dreams were Loki is communicating with him and basically threatening Tony to treat Jor correctly. Loki finally joins them on Earth and lives with them and signs the accords. There is a scene were they all go to botanical garden and paint pumpkins and Loki creates one that will cause all of the children's pumpkins to last way longer than they should. Also the rouge avengers that are trying to come back call a meeting withe the counsel and Tony/Loki and accuse Loki of using magical manipulation on Tony. Dr. Strange is able to refute that and they also so that it was a set up as Clint was in the air vents and Antman was shrunk waiting to attack.
  • tymbur

Looking for fic: Tony makes Steve an AI

It was a short story where Tony created an AI (like redwing) for Steve and Sam told Steve he had to teach it. Steve taught it what being a hero was and the AI decided based on that definition that Steve was a villain. Might have been part of a collection of unconnected stories. Been looking for it for days. thx