July 11th, 2020

OMG Voldy

Lost My Loki

Looking for the story where Odin takes Loki home, but after a few years, gives him to Heimdall to raise. My Google-foo hasn't found it in a week's time, so I'm asking for help.

Also, I misplaced a tale in which Sif and the Warriors 3 get Loki killed and replace him with a golem, but nobody realizes the switch-up. Not sure but I think maybe Loki was killed by a bilgesnipe or something. I keep getting Cephei's Golem-verse stories when I try using the AO3 search feature. :/

Thanks for any ideas or suggestions!

Stucky Fanfic

I've been looking for a specific stucky fic for ages but I can't seem to find it anywhere. All I can remember is that Steve was a prisoner (or at least I think he was) and Bucky was his personal guard of some kind. I think Steve was required to wear a mask and only Bucky could take it off. Also I've read this a really long time ago so it is possible that they're not even the right characters but thanks to anyone who can help!