August 5th, 2020

MCU character lands among real world look-alikes, or MCU actors ends up in the tower, or the Milano

I just read a story called Science and Magic Miracles by YunaYamiMouto where (female) Toni and Stephen Strange go dimension hopping and cross paths with both of their male Sherlock Holmes look-alikes. In the comments someone asked for a scenario where Toni and/or Avengers family and Rogues meet up with RDJ, the 3 Chrises, the 2Toms, etc. I recall reading a Star Trek Voyager (I think) story of the same vein long, long ago before I drifted away from that fandom (probably into The Sentinel and due South) where Tom Paris and Harry Kim meet Robert and Garrett. (And I think Supernatural has had at least one episode with that theme.) So I got to wondering if anyone has written a story where any of the MCU actors end up at the tower or the Milano, or vice versa. Goddess, that a lot of words to ask if anyone has written am MCU 'verse/real word crossover. Thank you for your patience. I'm going to go buy some mint chocolate chip ice cream now.