December 28th, 2020

Aftermath of torture

Tony is rescued after years of captivity and torture. He's brain damaged and physically wrecked. There's something about what happened when he was tortured--he freaks out when he hears JARVIS on a speaker. There's a line about how JARVIS never speaks to Tony again. Sound familiar to anyone?

Searching for fic (IronDad)

Set after Civil War, Peter is living with Tony(Tony adopted maybe or is his biological dad). The team gets pardoned, they are sent to live with Tony or he is suppose to live with them. Peter doesn't know what happened in Siberia and Tony doesn't want him to know. So, he gets upset with Tony for not wanting to talk with Bucky or maybe it was Steve. Tony tells the team not to tell Peter anything about it. Later Peter finds the video and feels guilty for what he said to Tony. He is angry at Steve and Bucky. Please help me