December 30th, 2020

Loki fights/defeats Thanos (sort of)

A while back I read a fanfic and I really want to read it again, but I can't find it! These are the things I can remember: 

— It was on

— Loki was/is tortured by Thanos.

— Thanos made Asgard/Frigga watch while Loki walked to his death.

— Everyone thought Loki died, but he came back in the middle of the battle.

— Loki makes a fool out of Thanos through the use of copies and steals an infinitie stone. This all happens in front of all of Asgard.  

— Loki and Thanos land in Midgard, Loki faints?. The avengers and Thor show up and Thanos commits suicide. He thinks dead will be glad to see him. Loki wakes up? and tells the Avengers that dead is his daughter. 

— Hella makes Thanos chase a Tessarect, wich is really a lego block, in hell. 

I hope that with this informatie somebody can find the fanfic I'm looking for. 

Tony/Steve/(Bruce/Bucky?) Tony doesn't think he is allowed to hold his baby.

Okay I know a lot of details but still can't find it.
(I hope it wasn't taken down :( that would suck)
Okay it was either a Tony/Steve/Bucky or Tony/Steve/Bruce I'm leaning a lot a lot towards Bruce but I know for a fact it was at least Tony/Steve but I'm 85% sure it was a three person relationship.
Tony thinks if he does something bad he loses something. I think there was a flashback part that he accidentally threw up on his mom's shoes so he loses his name?
Alright details, what I remember is Tony going someplace with his lovers while pregnant and while there the building is attacked/falls and Tony orders Jarvis/his suit around his stomach. Later after Tony delivers the baby he is stuck to the bed and the other avengers and his lovers forget to bring the baby to him and he is feeding the baby by pumping milk. (he can breastfeed).
He watches the baby and others with the baby through Jarvis/video. Which is also how he learns how to change the baby after the avengers get called on a mission as he doesn't want to mess up or change something for the baby.
Then all the avengers get called away and the baby is hungry so Tony goes to feed him and when they come back Tony says he is sorry and hands the baby to someone and walks out and they are all surprised and realize they never put Tony and the baby together.
Tony is then determined to build a machine that can pick up and hold the baby. His lovers try to correct themselves by putting the baby next to tony. Steve puts the baby next to tony then sits down and draws and Tony is frozen and just stares at the baby and when the baby start crying for food Tony panics and cries at Steve to feed the baby but doesn't pick the baby up himself so Steve has to sit down behind Tony and hold the baby up to Tony's chest for the baby to feed. And his other lover (Bruce/Bucky?) leaves the baby beside Tony while they shower and Tony just stares at the baby the whole time and when his lover comes out he rushes out that the baby didn't move except maybe its head as if he didn't want to be blamed for something.
There is also a part about Steve naming the baby Howard but Tony not liking that until Steve learns about it and changes the baby’s name.

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