March 9th, 2021

Winteriron I Believe

Ok so this fic has been driving me nuts. I only remember one scene, they're in Wakanda and Steve asked why they didnt replace the arm while Bucky was in cryo and unconscious. I remember that Bucky was leaving the room with someone and turned around to stare at Steve in horror.
Hopefully that triggers someone's memory. I am almost sure it Winteriron.
Thank 💚💚

FOUND Bucky on the run

I am going to have to be pretty vague bc I only kinda remember a plotline.
Bucky ditches Hydra after hearing about Tony going missing in Afghanistan. I dont think he saves him but once Tony is home he hides him in the Miami mansion. They at least knew each other before the escape.
There's also something with a fridge. Sorry. Maybe Bucky breaks it or hides behind the open door. Probably not the last one but I am just guessing.
Possibly Winteriron?
Ooh and if I am remembering the same fic Bucky helps in the background during the Stane incident.
Found on the winteriron finding tumblr blog. It's a 3 part series called Just Give Me a Reason by naturalchoas on ao3.
The first story is winteriron but it turns to stuckony in the last 2.