April 1st, 2021

Stukcy Fic! that I'm trying to find

Okay so I've been trying to find this fanficiton for days now and it's driving me crazyyyy

It's a Steve x Bucky fanfic set as a modern day AU, where Bucky is a famous prisoner of war survivor and war idol but hates the attention and has hidden away from society — and then he meets Steve, who helps him get through social events and introduces him to the 'Avengers' friendship group and they all lowkey protect Bucky.

I very clearly remember Bucky having a panic attack out in public due to some fireworks that trigger his PTSD of the war and the media are swarming him a bit, but Steve manages to get him out of there and calm him down — it ends up on the news though and brings awareness to Bucky again and everyone feels bad that their war hero is suffering. 

If anyone could help me out that'd be amazing! 

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