April 11th, 2021

Lost Avengers fic

Hello, I am looking for this older fic where Sam Wilson as Falcon time travels back to 2WW to protect Bucky from getting killed. Steve rocognises him when they first meet because of that. Does it sound familiar to anyone please?

Looking for a specific fic

Hi guys,

I’m looking for a specific fic. I’m not sure if it’s Tony/Bucky or what, but the plot is that Bucky likes to make cookies on movie nights and refuses to share them with anyone else. The other Avengers (minus Tony) plot to steal the cookies. One night Tony comes up for movie night and is completely exhausted from a workshop binge. Winter Soldier picks Tony up and starts hand feeding Tony cookies while everyone else watches.

Thank you!

more loki fics!!

still on a loki whump binge. heres what i want

1. loki has ptsd. more specifically, id love if he freaked out at something and it made the other avengers have to take a deeper look at their so called "enemy"

2a. cultural differences fics. fics where loki doesn't know how to live on earth. or fics where the avenger(s) are shocked by asgardian culture (typically to the negative)

2b. whumpy misunderstandings are also a fav. recently read one where the avengers didn't realize theyd forbidden loki from eating or taking hot showers etc. so maybe some whumpy misunderstandings bc of cultural differences?

3. loki scared of lightning/thunder(/thor)? "scared of a little lightning?" "I'm not overly fond of what follows"

4. any fics where instead of straight slash, the avenger(s) take on more of a brotherly or father figurey persona or just someone willing to look into lokis side of things (aka: loki protection squad) i would love to find more young/teen loki fics too, especially if an avenger takes on a parental role

(no loki/thor pls)