May 11th, 2021

Clint kills Tony aiming for Loki; as Hela's favorite Tony comes back minutes later

Didn't I do this just a couple weeks ago? I could have sworn I'd found this story. I can't seem to locate it now. Tony's in a triad with Loki and (I think) Stephen Strange. Tony has died several times since he was a child and has become a favorite of Hela's who keep sending him back to his body as long as he is needed in the war agains Thanos. When the exVengers come back to either the tower or the compound Clint's knee-jerk reaction is to shoot an arrow at Loki. Tony jumps in the way and is killed. They discuss whether Clint should be charged with murder since Tony didn't stay dead.

I could have sworn I searched for and found this story not too long ago and it's really pissing me off not to find it at AO3 or my own files. After breaking my bus pass luggage tag and a keyring in the last few days, this just adds to my frustration and stress/pain. [insert scream of anger here]