May 29th, 2021

Long Lost Soft Stucky fic where bucky helps make prosthetics for veterans

I read this ~2018, before my ao3 account and I only remember bits and pieces so I apologize if this is unclear or if I am mixing fic details up

- Tony is friends with a neuro-expert black female doctor (From Senegal or so) who is also a double amputee and uses prosthetic legs

- The doctor is a single mom with two daughters; one is in med school, the other is a pregnant tattoo artist

- There is a scene where Bucky gets back from a Stark tech conference where Tony was attacked by a human. When Bucky gets home, Steve is getting a tattoo of the howling commandos because he is grieving Peggy's death

- There is a discussion of how long Steve, Bucky, and Bruce are going to live

- Stucky own two dogs

- There is a scene where Steve gets home from a mission and Bucky kisses him, notes that his lips are dry, and taps Steve's mug to get him to drink more tea (this is stuck in my head because I have used it in m own fics)

Thank you for all your help :)