June 18th, 2021

Surprise (Georges Barbier)

Bucky and Peggy time travel fic (Found)

I’m looking for a series of fics where Tony accidentally brought Peggy and Bucky forward in time, possibly from different points in the timeline. The time travel was physical, not just mental, so Bucky and the Winter Soldier were two physically distinct individuals. It was Tony/Bucky and Steve/Peggy, and definitely leaned Team Tony; although Steve wasn’t portrayed too negatively, Bucky definitely called him out for letting the team treat Tony poorly.

Tony goes nuclear

It's been a crap week, so I'm searching for panacea fic in the form of Tony going nuclear or choosing the scorched earth option after being wronged. It can take place at any point in the MCU and be against SHIELD, a specific person, or Team Cap, whatever. I want to see someone get destroyed physically, emotionally, and/or financially at Tony's hands.

Any pairing is fine. I'll update tags appropriately if/when recs are made.

I've read and highly recommend everything by Wix on AO3, so please rec others.