June 24th, 2021

Tony takes Dummy to community/city college

Hi everyone, I'm looking for a fic I read on AO3 where Steve hears from JARVIS that Tony is following through with his threat to take Dummy to community/city college and panics. Steve goes to the college only to find out Tony isn't donating Dummy, he's actually taking him there to socialize. Tony is also sponsoring a kids robotics club/team that's being hosted after school at the college and they're doing a crazy toy rollercoaster competition. There's a little girl named Marissa (I think??) who is the chief engineer or lead designer of the rollercoaster project and cries when it collapses due to miscalculations and Tony comforts her. Dummy also at some point has a dunce cap and a pink feather boa he runs around with. The rest of the team eventually finds out and comes to join the fun and Fury also shows up and wears/steals the boa from Dummy.

thanks in advance if anyone can help me find this fic!

FOUND: Things Unseen Are Captured On Film, by Scifigrl47

Thank you so much to ellid for the speedy find!